Essay about Exercise Is Becoming A Common Every Day

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Exercise is becoming more common every day. Athletes, and even non-athletes are in need of a special type of shoe to protect their joints that is also a comfortable fit. The running shoe not only benefits athletes, but is beneficial for everyone. The running shoe dates back to the Ancient Egyptians in 1500 B.C.E. The Egyptians created sandals by weaving reeds or leather pieces together to design their running shoe, so they could chase after their prey and not hurt their feet while doing so. The development of running sandals led to many curiosities about footwear in general, which then lead to the simple running flats that had no arch support, no wedged heel, turned up toes, and with very minimal cushioning. These were known as the Plimsoll shoes found in 1870. stated, the Plimsoll design progressed to the use of rubber soles, which was a big step in finding the modern shoe design.
In 1970, more people started jogging for exercise or running in competitions which led to an important innovation of the running shoe. This was found by a former track coach at Oregon State University, by the name of William Bowerman.

According to the article, “The Evolution of the Modern Athletic Shoe” by Steve Brachmann, Bowerman one day was experimenting with his wife’s waffle-iron and liquid rubber which then created the “waffle-sole”. The “waffle-sole” was created to make a lighter weight shoe with better traction, with a tread similar to a mountain bike tire. Stated in…

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