Exercise Compare And Contrast Essay

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Exercise is very general word. There are hundred types of exercises, and they are for different reasons. For example, there are sports for avoiding diseases, building bodies, or entertainment(1). However, each one of them is important. Three aspects about exercise that will be highlighted are The definition of exercise, similarities between two exercises, and differences between another two exercises.

The first aspect that will be discussed is the definition of exercise. Exercise is a habit that makes people healthy, keeps them away of disease, and gives them energy to do anything easily. Exercise has a enormous effect on people in different ways. Firstly, exercise helps people to lose weight or to keeps their bodies
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Although Aerobic and yoga seem quite different they have many things in common. First, Aerobic is a wonderful stress reducer, and yoga is too. Aerobic and yoga make people think about this moment only, and forget all stress that they have faced during the day. Therefore, people feel relax. Moreover, yoga and aerobic secreted endorphin which significantly improves people’s mood(4). Second, aerobic play an important role in burning calories, just as yoga does. Scientists said that two hours of yoga or aerobic exercises equal four hours of any other sports. In addition, they don’t need a lot of effort(5). finally, both Aerobic and yoga make people flexible. Some people avoid yoga and Aerobic because they think it is difficult to do the exercises, but they are wrong. If people keep practicing regularly, it will be easy for them to do the exercises. Therefore, people will keep their bodies healthy which will help them to live longer (6). To sum up, Yoga and Aerobic are very similar and important sports at the same time, so people should find time to do …show more content…
Although walking and running are both sports, they have many points in contrast. First, walking needs a long time to burn calories, while running needs short time to burn calories. For example, if you want to burn nine hundred calories, you have to walk sixty minutes. However, you need to run for just thirty minutes to burn the same number of calories(1). Second, walking does not need a lot of effort. In contrast, running needs much effort. For instance, you can walk for a long time without getting tired, yet you will get tired if you run for long time. Moreover, running is difficult for people who have arthritis or heart problems, but walking is easier for them(8). Finally, unlike walking, running opens appetite. Scientists said that when you run for twenty minutes or more, your appetite will be opened, but if you walk for the same distance you will not feel anything(9). All in all, walking and running can both give us the same results but in different

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