Type 2 Diabetes Article Analysis

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In Diabetes, there is impairment or delay in the process of converting food to use as energy (Kelly, n.d.). Diabetes is known as the seventh leading causes of health complications in United States including heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, and lower-extremity amputations. (Kelly, n.d.). Diabetes has affected more than 12 million people in the United States alone. 85% of individuals diagnosed with diabetes have Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) in United States (ADA, 2014). Early detection and life style modifications are main factors to help control T2DM. This paper will offer an insight into the article “Exenatide QW: A new treatment option for Type2 diabetes offering ease of use, improved efficacy, and reduced side effects”; and overview …show more content…
Additionally GLPP-1 receptor agonist treatment has shown reduction in the occurrences of hypoglycemia when chosen as a mode of treatment. Clinical trials were extensively conducted for about 84 weeks. In Comparison with Insulin Glargine, Exenatide QW lowered A1C level significantly and that further reflects better glycemic control. However several patients did notice that Exenatide QW positively attributed to reduced cardiovascular risk by lowering blood cholesterol levels, blood pressure readings, and triglycerides (Seewoodhary, J., et al, 2010). Exenatide QW can be used as adjunct therapy along with life style modifications and Metformin, as needed. There are many known advantages of Exenatide therapy. One main benefit is that it is an easy and convenient once weekly injection. Patients don’t need everyday injections nor do they need to adjust Insulin dosage based on blood sugar levels. This helps diabetic patients have better quality of life and eases their stress levels and also saves time. Also microsphere encapsulation of Exenatide QW, helps maintain a steady regulated level of Exenatide in blood which enables it to reduce A1C level and aid in greater weight loss. In comparison to GLP-1 receptor agonists, Exenatide QW has fewer noted side effects. This greatly benefits individuals with both literal and psychosocial compliance restraint. Studies have shown that, Exenatide QW has higher efficacy treatment for T2DM and besides this treatment is based on patient-centered issues (Shaefer, J. F,

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