Excuses Used By Parents, I Count Never Homeschool My Children

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Excuses used by parents, ”I count never homeschool my children”

Often parents are surprised that I chose to homeschool my children and say “ I could never homeschool my children… I have no patience… they would not listen to me….they would be bored at home…” The excuses goes on and on.
However, consider the first excuse “They would not listen to me..” Whether the children is homeschooled or not, they should listen to their parents. If they have no respect for their parents, they will not have respect for their teacher or anyone else. Teachers often complimented how well behaved my children were and I must say that we “practiced” at home to ensure that would be the case. Ultimately, the parent is the only one who should be responsible for their children’s behavior and respect for others.

Part Eight Highlights

• Set rules and consequences for negative behavior
• Allow teens to grow and make their own decisions, otherwise you will deprive them to mature and make better choices next time around
• A teenager should not be allowed to dismiss what one parent says
• Once clear boundaries are set and the children are aware of what type of behavior will be acceptable, discuss the consequences for behavior that is not tolerated
• At schools or at home we tend to pay more attention to the misbehaved child than the ones who are following the rules.
• If a child notices that the well behaved children receives the attention, he will imitate to fight for the same attention.…

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