Examples Of The Unexpected Miracle

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The Unexpected Miracle Sometimes life decides to be generous and without warning it gave me a beautiful gift. It was the birth of my baby brother. Now, of course most people will probably think, what’s so special? It is just another sibling? But, this little guy changed my life before he was even born.

It was around last year in September when I started realizing the little changes my mom was experiencing. It was little things like she stopped exercising and resting a lot more. There were also lots of mood swings and she wasn’t feeling well a lot of the times. For as long as I can remember my mom has been ill; she also had kidney transplantation. There are many ways she’s sick for example; rapid changes in blood pressure, blood clots, heart
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At this point I was not excited, but more of scared to death. Anything could happen and no one would be able to control it. I was heading to a mission trip to San Francisco, and the baby wasn’t due for another three weeks. I was definitely hoping there would be no surprises. My mom said I would most likely make it back for the delivery, and honestly that is all I wanted. I went on my mission trip confident that nothing would happen until I got back and my mom promised to keep me updated every day. It was my last day in San Francisco when, I received a call from my dad. As soon as I saw the caller ID I knew it was bad, because my dad never talks to me unless it’s something urgent. I stepped aside from my group and answered the call, and all he said was, “there will be an emergency delivery, mom is having the baby, there were complications.” I hung up from my phone and my youth group leader rushed to me and was asking if I got a hold of my dad and if I knew what was going on. My best friend Brittney, all she had to see was the worry in my eyes and she ran over and just hugged me and cried with me. I am not an emotional person especially around other people, and at this point I was shaking and just crying uncontrollably. I think it was just that everything was so overwhelming and the fact that I was states away from everything and there was literally nothing I could do to help. I am the type of person, that when there is a problem I try …show more content…
There were lots of fancy medical words that I tried to make sense of, but what it came down to was there was a chance neither her or the baby will survive the operation. Now at moments like this, I realized I needed to gather up all my strength, have hope, be positive, and believe everything will be okay. Instead my entire mind kept screaming at me was there is a chance you will never see your mom again or your new baby brother. No matter how hard I tried; I kept imagining the worst. My entire youth group prayed for her and the leaders. There were other people from different churches and her family and friends, we are all praying for the best. My youth pastor was actually trying to find me a flight to the hospital, but there was no point she was already going into surgery and I was supposed to head home the next day anyway. Just minutes before she had to go in she called me and talked to me. I could tell by her voice she was trying so hard to keep it all together. Of course this call made me cry more. She hung up and I wondered if that was the last time I would hear her beautiful

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