Sacred Cow

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Sacred Cow of Pursuing Higher Education
The education is the most important asset that someone can have and it can’t be taken away by anyone. Our parents are example of sacred cow because they expect us to pursue for higher education because they think it’s the only thing a young person should do immediately after they get done with college. However, most of the young people want at least a year break right after they finished college, so they can work and make money for themselves. We usually have to follow the same pattern which is created by our society, to become successful as a person. We all are different people with various beliefs and it’s unfair for us to do the same thing like everyone else. One simply cannot underestimate the ideology
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It stated in An Exploratory Study of Print Media Employees by Royr, Rishu “that people with more maturity and more experience in job can perceive and understand their own and others’ emotions in much better way, which can give them the ability to behave in a manner deemed appropriate for a specific career and more success…Use of emotion as a basis for thinking and thinking may be related to social behavior”. There’s a use of ethos when so many educated people still believe that a job experience can help people to be nice with others. Many students usually work on those jobs that has something to do with customer service and they can also understand others emotion. The job experience can help one to become more confident in front of a bunch of people and it can also help them to make new friends because we all need friends so we can have fun together. There are so many courses out there that teaches people, how to become confident while talking with others, but in a job we can learn it for free and it can be very useful in our future. There’s a use of logos when a year gap can allow a student to choose a major that is more fascinating for them, before jumping in with both feet, by doing that it can prevent them to take the added risk in their life. We all want to enjoy our life to its fullest, but most of the times we don’t have time for ourselves. However, a break …show more content…
However, as we all know that everyone is different in their own way and they also have different goals for themselves. Parents should always allow students to take a break right after they get done with college, rather than worrying about others. One simply can do so many things in that period of time and they can also learn new things. This types of break can help people to become a confident person because it can help you to make new friends. The education should always be our basic right, but somehow our government always think otherwise. A break after college can bring a change in someone’s life by giving them time to think for themselves, rather than worrying about unnecessary stuff. As we all know the university tuitions cost is so expensive nowadays and it could also affect them in future, many students prefer to work and save some money for university tuition. By helping others one simply can understands the importance of humanity because we all are same after all. In life everything is possible, but you have to work hard in order to accomplish your goals. There are so many advantages for someone who takes a break after they get done with college because it helps you take major decision in your life. One simply cannot satisfy everyone because no one is perfect and we all make mistakes in our life. It’s everyone’s dream to become a successful person because we all

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