Examples Of Resistance Training Exercises

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Examples of Resistance Training Exercises

Abdominal Exercises: Clams= Begin by laying down on either right or left side of body. Begin to stack the hips and bend both legs, as the knees begin to point forward. Lay down and place the arm on the floor and ear on the bicep. Begin to lift the knees. Do not change the placement of the knees and hips. Begin to exhale while drawing in the abs towards the spine. This is a workout of 2 sets of 10 to 15 reps.

Dipping toes : If in the first trimester, begin by lying on the back. If in second or third trimester, sit on a chair and get a couple of pillows to stabilize the body. Bend the legs while keeping the shins facing the wall and the hands on the hips. Begin to breath out drawing in the stomach,
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Slowly come back to standing position, while triceps are still contracted. Once in the standing position, relax extension in triceps. This exercise is for 2 sets of 10 reps.

Lunges With Shoulder Raise : Standing shoulder width apart, hold the dumbbells high, leveled with the ears. Next lunge forward pausing at the bottom then pressing the weight above the head. Return to starting position . Perform this exercise for three sets of 12 reps. Workout should take about 45 mins. Not too strenuous with weights never going beyond 25 lbs.

Examples of Water Aerobic
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Followed by high intensity swimming/walking for a small interval alternating with a low intensity workout to recover. Each interval of high intensity will last 30 seconds with the low intensity recovery exercises being 15 seconds. Do these intervals for about 5 minutes before beginning strength workouts inside the pool

Arms (Boxing): With the arms are underneath the water, proceed by doing 30 seconds of jabs back and forth, after 30 seconds, begin low intensity jumping jacks without any jumping. Benefiting the arms and back. Transition back to having the arms underneath the water and begin performing uppercuts for 30 secs. Finishing with lateral shoulder raises: holding and moving the arms in circular motion underwater for 30 seconds. 3 sets

Quads: while leaving one leg on the ground, bend the other leg holding it at a 90 degree angle. Quick as rapidly as possible for 30 seconds back and forth. Switch legs and repeat. 3

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