Resistance Training Exercise

Examples of Resistance Training Exercises

Abdominal Exercises: Clams= Begin by laying down on either right or left side of body. Begin to stack the hips and bend both legs, as the knees begin to point forward. Lay down and place the arm on the floor and ear on the bicep. Begin to lift the knees. Do not change the placement of the knees and hips. Begin to exhale while drawing in the abs towards the spine. This is a workout of 2 sets of 10 to 15 reps.

Dipping toes : If in the first trimester, begin by lying on the back. If in second or third trimester, sit on a chair and get a couple of pillows to stabilize the body. Bend the legs while keeping the shins facing the wall and the hands on the hips. Begin to breath out drawing in the stomach, dropping one of the legs towards the floor. This will be a exercise of 3 sets of 10 reps.

Quick Flicks: Squeeze the pelvic floor as suddenly and as quickly as possible. Rest for about one second and repeat . Perform this exercise for three sets of 10 reps.

Squats With Triceps Extension : Standing shoulder length apart, knees bent 75 degrees, holding the cable ropes at the bottom of the squat, pull down the ropes, contracting the tricep. Slowly come back to standing position, while triceps are still contracted. Once in the standing position, relax extension in triceps. This exercise is for 2
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Focus and concentration are two main factors in yoga, which are crucial in the birthing process. By relieving tension in the cervix and birth canal, this will ensure an easier labor with a smooth delivery. Yoga postures will reduce activation of pregnancy symptoms which consist of morning sickness and constipation. Best poses that benefit pregnancy are the ones which put pressure on the abdomen. Do not risk performing difficult poses due to the fact that it may do more harm than good. Workout should be between 45 to 60 mins and include poses such

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