Rape Culture

Rape Culture in Our Society Today
Although the majority of society believes rape culture was fabricated by feminists, rape culture is real and extremely prevalent in our society. Many rapists receive little to no jail time, their victims are blamed, and rape is normalized. In the world today, college campuses have become a breeding ground for cases like the one involving Brock Turner. People believe the rapist’s education and their athletic career is more important than the person they raped. No one cares how the victim’s feel because “they were asking for it,” or, “they should have been more careful.” In any case of rape or sexual assault, the victim should never be blamed. The rapist is the only person who should be blamed, they are the ones
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In many cases, the police degrade the victim and make it appear like they are at fault. This causes them to not trust the police, therefore, not reporting the crime. The police are not the only cause when it comes to not reporting rapes. Victim’s family members and their own friends degrade them as well. They tell the victim if they dressed more conservatively, they would not have been raped. It does not matter what they were wearing, people wearing long sleeve shirts and jeans can be a potential target to a rapist. “Earth to liberated women: When you display legs, thighs or cleavage, some liberated men will see it as a sign that you feel good about yourself and your sexuality. But most men will see it as a sign you want to get laid,” Dan Rottenberg said in reference to the gang rape of reporter Lara Logan in 2011. He continued to bash women reporters by saying, “If you want to be taken seriously as a journalist, don’t pose for pictures that emphasize your cleavage” (Raphael). By telling survivors of rape how they should have been dressed, causes the presence of rape culture to be even greater. Men and women begin to believe it is perfectly okay and normal to bash other people for what they are wearing. Additionally, they think it is okay to say they are asking to be raped due to the length of the shorts, skirt, …show more content…
Raphael states that a false rape report is one in which, based on thorough investigation, it can be demonstrated that the rape did not occur. Once people have heard of one or two false rape claims, they begin to doubt the actual cases of rape and sexual assault. “Rape deniers claim that 50 percent of rape claims are false. For this proposition, they cite a 1994 research report by Purdue University professor Eugene J. Kanin, and they make no reference to seven newer studies with better methodology that show false rape reports to be in the range of 2-8 percent. The rape deniers have been successful in persuading the media that a new social problem exists: lying about rape” (Raphael). There is a major difference between a false report and an inconclusive or difficult to substantiate rape report. Rape reports that end up being inconclusive, are ones where the person describing the crime are unable to provide support that it happened. Another example of inconclusive rape reports, are in cases in which investigators decide, based on their own judgement of the evidence provided, that the rape did not occur. People who claim the individuals are lying in half of rape cases reported, are making a false

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