Examples Of Rape Culture In Society

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Rape Culture in Our Society Today
Although the majority of society believes rape culture was fabricated by feminists, rape culture is real and extremely prevalent in our society. Many rapists receive little to no jail time, their victims are blamed, and rape is normalized. In the world today, college campuses have become a breeding ground for cases like the one involving Brock Turner. People believe the rapist’s education and their athletic career is more important than the person they raped. No one cares how the victim’s feel because “they were asking for it,” or, “they should have been more careful.” In any case of rape or sexual assault, the victim should never be blamed. The rapist is the only person who should be blamed, they are the ones
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Beau considered Allison his little sister. Allison’s family welcomed him and they never expected him to hurt her in anyway, especially not by raping her. After they graduated high school, Beau stayed in Missoula to attend the University of Montana while Allison moved to Oregon to attend Eastern Oregon University. Instead of seeing one another every day, they saw each other only once or twice after Allison went to Oregon. While she was back in Missoula just before starting her junior year at university, she received a call from one of her friends, Keely. Keely asked Allison to go to a party with her at Beau’s house, which Allison agreed to do. While the girls were there, they drank much more than they usually did. Beau’s roommate urged Keely and Allison not to drive home because they had been drinking. They both decided to stay there for the night and Keely slept in one of the bedrooms while Allison slept on the couch in the living room. About two hours after going to bed, Allison woke up to Beau on top of her. She was afraid to push him off because he weighed 100 pounds more than she did. Allison closed her eyes again, waiting for Beau to be done. Once he was done, she made sure he was gone and sprinted out of the house to seek help. As she was calling her mother, she heard Beau chasing her. She screamed into the phone to her mother that Beau was chasing her. Her mother …show more content…
In cases in which the victim knows the attacker, it is assumed that the sex was consensual. Also, if there are no other witnesses to the crime, it becomes difficult to prove the sex was nonconsensual. Due to these difficulties, victims tend to not report the crime. In addition to these problems, the response from society humiliates the victims even further than before. Survivors have been made to watch the videos of themselves being attacked, they have had to take lie- detector tests after their attacker was convicted in court, and they have been asked what underwear they were wearing at the time of the attack (Raphael). They are already being haunted by the crime itself and now they are being humiliated, sometimes even in the courtroom. Institutions such as churches, schools and colleges, social organizations, and the military, turn a blind eye to rape victims. Officials at these institutions conceal what rapists are doing and are protecting them by letting them remain in the community (Raphael). Consequently, this behavior causes rapists to be free and keep hurting people because they believe what they did was perfectly fine. If no one is actively keeping criminals off of the streets, they are going to continue committing crimes and other people could possibly begin to join

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