Examples Of Motherly Advice By Sarah Kay

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Motherly Advice
Take it or leave it, we don’t have a choice either way they are going to shove it in our ear until we hear it like a broken record. Sarah Kay, a very inspirational poet, and August Alsina, a phenomenal R&B artist, both demonstrate motherly advice but from different perspectives. Kay’s poem, If I Should Have a Daughter…, is towards her daughter she does not yet have while Alsina’s lyrics in Mama is about him taking his mother’s advice. A mother’s advice can always come in handy but that does not mean we are constantly going to use it. These two incredible writers express how mothers persistently tell their children to avoid trouble, stay true to yourself and most importantly live life.
Kay, like any other mother would, gives
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He didn’t let anything change him because his mother told him to stay humble and true, like he mentioned in his song Mama. Agustin did take this piece of his mother’s advice because through everything his been through his personality is really all he has that shouldn’t have to change. In Alsina song Encore he says “I’ve been hood rich and I’ve been broke…But I wasn’t really different”. Even when he was out of the ghetto and became a successful artist he knew he had to keep to his mother’s wise words and stay the same person he always was. The same mentality Kay wants her daughter to have. Even though Kay doesn’t know how her daughter will turn out to be she knows she going to let her daughter know kind hearts and true minds is the way to be. Kay will tell her daughter, “Always apologize when you 've done something wrong, but don 't you ever apologize for the way your eyes refuse to stop shining. Your voice is small, but don 't ever stop singing”. Kay is giving her daughter advice to be herself, and don’t let anyone tell her otherwise. However, if her daughter knows that she is wrong she must apologize because that’s the right thing to do. Every mother knows to teach that …show more content…
Kay even tells her daughter to enjoy life before her daughter has a chance to begin it. Kay tells her unborn daughter, “no matter how many land mines erupt in a minute, be sure your mind lands on the beauty of this funny place called life”. Letting her daughter know and understand that even when life seems like everything is rapidly falling apart, always remind herself that life is also filled the wondrous experiences we all strive for. The same life Alsina already lived with the advice his mother gave him and now this is what he says about life: “Its Modeling And Shaping You My Nigga Into Something So Beautiful Love yourself And Learn To Love This Thing Called Life.” This a man who has seen and done it all and he still here talking about how much life should be appreciated. He wouldn’t have thought life was priceless without his mother telling him how good life can be and it should be taken for

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