Essay On Drug Dealers

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The drug dealers, police officers, politicians, etc. are perpetuating the drug system. From what the film describes, most drug dealers do not realize any other options are available. The kids in these neighborhoods look up to the drug dealers. When you live in an area where there are no doctors, lawyers or anyone who is wealthy from a legal career, you have no aspiration to become wealthy the right way. Most of the people who live in these neighborhoods do not make a lot of money from their careers, they are struggling to make ends meet. The kids see that the drug dealers are not struggling, at all. When you have no only have one example to look up to, you are probably going to follow that one example. The system continues because there is …show more content…
I think, in this particular situation, systematic injustice is hard to change because of money. Everyone in these position is concerned with money. The drug dealers are from low income areas, with little to no idea on how to become wealthy without selling drugs and they need money to survive. Police officers and politicians just want to make more money. Police officers make more money when they arrest more people and prisons make more as they fill their prisons, it’s like a business. I believe, that policing drugs offers more opportunities to arrest people. Obviously, we arrest murders, but there aren’t enough murders to keep the jails flowing like a business. I don’t really think there are any realistic actions that anyone in these positions can take to stop the system. I think the simple action would be simply to stop. Drug dealers need to be influenced by other things. There are more influences then just drugs dealers, you do not have to look up drug dealers. Police officers and politicians would stop if there was no longer any money to be made. As long as money is involved in these equations, the system will not

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