Examples Of Gender Socialization

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Gender socialization is learning the societal expectations and attitudes associated with a person’s sex. Young girls grow up being taught that having long hair is a very important part of their overall appearance and it will make them more appealing and beautiful to the opposite gender. Society has created a box to fit women into that deems them feminine or attractive to society as a whole. If a woman does not fit into that box they are seen as unattractive or masculine. Ingrid Banks author of Hair Still Matters found that women who wore their hair short were prone to being questioned about their sexuality and were told they lacked femininity. Where in contrast men, who wore their hair long were not questioned on their sexuality but actually praised by society. This article mainly focuses on gender conflict in society and the various concepts that revolve around the idea of gender.
“It’s the hair, isn’t
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This can be looked at through a gender-conflict lense, which is the point of view that focuses on the inequality and conflict between men and women. The conflict presented in Banks’ article is that men and women are treated unequally according to the hair styles they choose to wear. Society is accepting of most men that chose to wear a known feminine style and they are praised for it and are said to be embracing their femininity. From lecture 14, gender is seen as a performance in society. Women who compensate their look with big earrings and other jewellery are adding to their performance in society in order to limit questions on their sexuality or attractiveness. This creates inequality and conflict for women. They feel they are unable to express themselves through their choice of hair length and act the way society expects them to without being classified as a lesbian or masculine. While males can choose to wear long or short hair and still be accepted into society without

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