Examples Of Gender Equality

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According to the 14th amendment in the U.S. Constitution, all men are said to be created equal. This law is simply saying that people are of equal moral worth, and deserves equal treatment no matter who you are, a man, woman, slave, non-slave, gay or strict. But if you think about it and compare one person to another person are we all actually created equally? from the time America was discover until now, there have been several great changes and improvement in our society pertaining to equality and how people are treated now. Despite all that I still think people are treated differently base on their race, gender and ethnicity. People are treated differently base on their race because there is still a huge equality difference, …show more content…
Feminism is the idea saying that most woman should have equal opportunity or be equal to men. All around the world, woman have been treated differently from men because of their sexuality. Women were not allowed to have a job, therefore they had to stay home and take care of their children. They were the last to be able to vote because they were being represented by their husbands and couldn’t have a credit card in their own name. As a woman, there are so many responsibilities you have, and are entitle to compare to a man. Women are paid less than man in the work field. They are less likely to get picked first when applying for the same job as man even though they might be more qualified for the job than a guy. Gender equality prove that people are treated differently because about twenty percent or women is part of the government. Besides, there have been all male president and still are. Women are treated differently when it comes to sports. Women unlike men were not allow to go to school and would suffer consequences if they did. For example, a young girl from Pakistan, by the name of Malala Yousafzia was shot in the head four years ago because she wanted girls to get education and fought for their right (so she defined Taliban). Women were not permitted to play sports because of their gender. Sports was considered a male dominated field therefore women could not participate in the Olympics. It wasn’t until the 1900s when women began to play sports like tennis and golf in the Olympic and they were beating men at their own game. Men would sexually harassed women at work, they would not be sued for that and martial rape was not considered a crime. They can’t become president.

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