Examples Of Female Genital Mutilation

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Topic: Female genital mutilation
Audience: Professionals (doctors, midwives, and teachers), Communities of first generation elders, Second generation mothers and women’s health committee members.
Position: Against female genital mutilation practices
Medium: A speech at UN 's annual women 's day summit in Johannesburg South Africa Female genital mutilation also referred to as female genital cutting has been a cultural practice passed on from generation to generation can be traced back over 1000 years. FGM is usually practiced in Asia, Middle East, and Africa. This is a cultural practice that involves cutting off part or the entire clitoris. The wound is then stitched together, allowing to heal with a scar believed to leave a small
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She mentioned how terrified she was to see a woman holding a knife with drops of blood sliding on the edge. Though she screamed for help she was held down with her legs open until her clitoris was cut away leaving her to bleed profusely. In the news coverage her exact words were, 'I was terrified with great pain while carried to a room; there I stayed for 3 months for treatment until my wound healed leaving a terrible scar behind my genitalia. This process was considered a rite of passage into womanhood. My mother never explained why she agreed to such a barbaric act. If she never comprehended, then I would have been considered an outcast ' she said. She went on to tell how she have lived with the trauma until she had a clitoral reconstructive surgery. Aisha then moved to live in the United States with the help of her younger sister who cannot have children as a result of FGM. She had two daughters and each time was cut open. Aisha wows never to return to her family in Gambia because of this barbaric practice. She mentioned, she could have lost her life as a result of FGM since she witnessed many deaths of young girls from FGM, a practice so absurd. Indeed, believe in "absurdities and we shall commit atrocities" (Voltiere ). This is one testimony believed to be similar to millions of instances that occur every day. A motivational testimony to raise awareness of the dangers associated with FGM. From Aishs 's story we see how detriment FGM is to women 's health, an issue we need to address or talk about every

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