Examples Of Epilogue To The Enchanted Forest

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Fearsome Battle in the Enchanted Forest

The silver sun was slipping out of sight, as we inched our way over a rickety wooden bridge. On the far side, there was a tiny path leading down a slight slope. Not even a path really, more like clues—a snapped twig here—some tramped down weeds over there. We followed the clues until the ground became thick with fallen limbs and decaying pine needles. Then we wedged between the thickets into the Enchanted Forest and I could sense the evil. Dark birds appeared out of nowhere and hovered overhead, casting their hideous shadows in all directions while loudly screeching out threatening warnings.
Isabel rocketed into view. “Those creatures,” she said in a hurried whisper, “are clearly
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I’m going to tiptoe around there,” I said, pointing to a spot where the trees were thick enough to hide me from view. “I’ll find out what we’re up against and figure out where the entrance to the castle is. Then, after our initial assault, I’ll run inside.”
“Got it,” Tinlef said.
Emma sighed. “Sounds good, but what if your plan doesn’t work?”
“It will. Tinlef you keep watch and signal me if you see anything.”
“Right. I’ll hoot like a barn owl three times and screech like a hawk twice.”
“Nice,” I said, carefully edging up to one of the castle windows and peering through. Inside, under a cobwebbed chandelier, was a room illuminated by greenish light and filled with wart covered goblins who were standing next to a fire, snickering. Then I saw that the main doorway was guarded on the inside by two fifteen-foot cyclops wearing short, leopard-spotted sarongs.
I crept back over to where the others were standing. “We should attack now while they’re relaxed.”
They nodded.
Tinlef’s pale gray eyes flashed. “Are you ready, Aiden?”
I looked up and saw the curve of the moon peeking out from behind a couple of silver clouds. “I’ve never been more ready in my life.”
“All I can ask for is a willing heart.”
“And what about you, Emma?” Xavier

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