Narrative Essay About The Forbidden Forest

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The Forbidden Forest

Typically, Sage’s goaty grin all teeth and gums as she frolicked down Main Street would have set me to my happy place. Where sunshine abounds, except as I said before calamity seems to strike in twos. Our next misfortune started in a topsy-turvy fun house full of brain-teasing illusions, each clues unlocking another room packed with splintered reality. Which was awesome at first. Until Mason shattered in a room full of mirrors and I became trapped inside the fun house’s sapphire arena and had to eat my way through an entire wall of blue cotton candy. Luckily, we made it out alive. I was bloated and Mason walked around for a while like he’d been chug-a-lugging the fun house happy juice. When Zander saw us coming
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“Are you saying that the staff was hidden inside of Gordok’s castle? “Yeah.” The wolf’s mouth fell open revealing his fangs like daggers. “What? Why?” “Because centaurs knew that if the staff was hidden away in plain sight it would be harder to find.” He glanced at Zander. “Huh?” “Hey don’t shoot the massager.” Evidently, sarcasm didn’t exist in Sirethiel, because Hob just stared at me. He bent down and nibbled at a few fleas on his ankle. “Anyway the staff was carried in and buried in a silver chest in the dungeon,” I said. “The bottom of the trunk is false. So if it’s pushed slightly to the right three times and then yanked hard once it’ll open.” “The problem is how are we going to get into the castle?” Mason said. “I’m sure Gordok has guards.” Zander smiled. “Exactly. And that’s only the first problem.” Thunder crackled across the sky, lighting the forest in disorienting flashes. “Hey,” Mason said his voice a whisper swallowed by the now drumming rain, “did you bring an umbrella?” I shushed him. The wolf seemed to be working on a plan. “Okay. Aiden,” Hob said carefully, “you go into the forest and divert Gordok’s attention.” “That’s the plan? How am I supposed to do

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