Anthem For Doomed Youth Poetry Analysis

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The Courage and Sacrifices of a Soldier
War. This is how conflicts between countries are unfortunately resolved. Instead of a peaceful convention, forceful and brutal armed, naval and air attacks against their enemies seems to be the answer many leaders seek for so their nation can gain dominance and status. Alas, the soldier who are either willing or forced to fight in the war pay the ultimate price, not their ignorant leaders. The brave soldiers who have and still are fighting for their country show much pride for their flag. Through the many tough times of war, these soldiers are fearless and courageous and sacrifice their lives for freedom and peace. The two war poems “Anthem for Doomed Youth” by Wilfred Owen and “Over the Top” by Sybil
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Figurative language is a creative way of explaining something and can help to understand a situation more clearly. Despite not being literal, expressions can form images in people’s heads and people can have better knowledge of different situations and others perspectives. Poems especially are great for this. “Anthem for Doomed Youth” underlines the courage seen and the sacrifices made mainly through personification because the poem describes the horrors that war presents. Examples of this are, “--Only the monstrous anger of the guns. / Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle.” (Owen 2-3). Wilfred Owen uses descriptive figurative language to enhance the real meaning of courage and sacrifice throughout the poem. “Over the Top” is about the bravery and sacrifice soldiers had before going into the war which contrasts “Anthem for Doomed Youth” because this poem is about the courageous act and ramifications of war. “Over the Top” also utilizes more similes instead of personification and the similes give a good sense of how the soldiers really feel before beginning to fight. The similes that describe this are, “Eight. It’s as if a frog / waddled round your inside, / Cold as ice-blocks, straddle wide,” (Bristowe 6-8). The figurative language presented signifies that “Anthem for Doomed Youth” and “Over the Top” are alike because the personification and similes used explains that being a soldier is extremely horrendous and takes courage and sacrifice to be

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