Unstable Character In Hamlet

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Shakespeare has written many plays that seem to all revolve around a common theme of all the main characters suffering with an inner conflict. In Hamlet, hamlet has undergone a series of difficult events that cause him to so some questionable actions. A common question asked in regards to this play is “is Hamlet's character stable or unstable?” Being unstable consists of sudden mood changes, lack of emotional control and being highly violently reactive. Hamlet’s character shows none of these traits. If anything he portrays the opposite. He is able to plan and strategize, has a very clear mind/set and when comparing him to Macbeth, who is known to be insane it is evident that they are two completely different individuals. …show more content…
For instance, early on, when he finds out Claudius is onto him, he decides to fabricate lunacy a as tool for his revenge. This is evident in act I when he says “(1.5.190-192). In this quote, Hamlet tells Horatio that he will deliberately act mad as a way to undermined everyone to seem like less of a threat to King Claudius. This is the first time his intelligence is shown, but it is definitely not the last. An unstable individual would not have a patience to plan and strategize the way Hamlet just did. It appears that Hamlet's intelligence becomes more noticeable as the play progresses, however he has an extremely clever way of showing it. He only speaks of his master plans when he is alone. In particular, during his soliloquy in act 2 he discusses the course of action that is to take place. He says “Now I am alone. Oh, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!” (2.2 ???) Finally, Hamlets intelligence is shown once again when he is on the ship to England. He was able to continuously undermine Claudius even miles away. In act 5 he was able to turn the tables of Claudius plan and ended up having Rosencrantz and Guildenstern executed instead. He

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