Example Of Soft Determinism

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It seems obvious that I have free will because I made the decision to eat a slice of cheesecake at 2am. I could have eaten a brownie instead if I wanted to. Michael Huemer says on page 104, Chapter 10 ‘Free Will and Determinism in the World of Minority Report’, “Having free will is thought to require two things: alternate possibilities and self-control.” Free will is the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one 's own discretion while the universe being predetermined is events that are planned beforehand. To introduce, soft determinism is the theory that human behavior and actions are determined by causal events, but human free does exist when defined as the capacity to act according to one 's nature. …show more content…
The robot has to always respond. The robot does not have free will because there are no alternate possibilities. The robot still controls its own actions because it doesn’t have any alternates. In this chapter, he explains the concept of “soft determinism”. That term analyzes, freedom, possibility and control. There are more than one possible futures which still leads to free will. “A soft determinist might propose the following definition of can. Notice that in this sense, a person may have alternate possibilities – multiple actions each of which he can perform – even if all his actions are determined by antecedent causes” (From) Soft determinism allows the existence of free choice. You can choose to do what you wish as an individual but you can not choose what you wish because our wants are determined by our personalities, which are formed by influences outside of our control. We can make any choice we want in a given situation because of who we are which is out of control but we will necessarily will make that choice. We do not have free will in the sense that we can alter our future. That is for sure …show more content…
The freedom we take is in our brains of not knowing what the outcome will be. I believe that both are true. Free will is an illusion. Free will is like the heads on a coin and determinism is like the tales; they’re opposite but they’re still on the same coin. Free will is humans acting as their own kind and making the choice to do something or not do it. In order for humans to make a free will choice, morality and determinism is involved. A human will have it in them to make a choice and understand what that choice means. The effect of that that choice will have, whether the choice is to do good or evil. I believe that events are determined but the choices and experiences are free to that person which makes free will an

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