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A person’s worldview is made up of a person’s values and beliefs. Some people worldviews include a God or multiple Gods, while others do not believe in any Gods. Through out this essay I will be discussing what the possible various meanings of spirituality are and the seven basic worldview questions. My personal worldview and options will also be included.
Pluralism, or the ability to discuss and accept another’s beliefs and not just tolerating them, is an important trait of today’s time (Eck, n.d.). Pluralism can be better understood using by understanding postmodernism which involves seeing “the whole person—the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual” (Puchalski, 2001). While many people share similar worldviews and spirituality, others
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It can mean to be one with nature, a persons concept of God/ a higher being or even the search for the meaning of life. However, spirituality can best be understood as “Looking beyond the individual to family, community, and support networks” (Maloof, n.d.).
Prime reality is the foundation to a person worldview. The most commonly known prime reality is the existence of God. Another recognized prime reality is the disbelief of the existence of a higher power and/or God. My own prime reality also incorporates God. I personally believe that God exist and is a higher power that humans are subject to his power and judgment even though we are unable to see or touch him. (Sire, 2006)
The nature of the world around us depends on each individual’s idea of what a prime reality is. Based off the prime reality, the nature of the world is “created or autonomous, as chaotic or orderly, as matter or spirit” (Sire, 2006). The majority of people who believe in God believe that the world was created and orderly. I fall within that category of people who believe the world was created and is orderly. I believe that everything happens for a reason based off of God’s overall plan and he will show us what he wants or needs us to do, when the time is
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Typically people who believe in God believe that a person’s life determines if they continue on to heaven or hell. Another perspective is a person being reincarnated after death to continue their life or returning to nature, ceasing to exist (Sire, 2006).
It is next to impossible to know anything is certain but we can believe that things will happen. Our belief that something will happen comes from past experiences of similar situations or other people sharing similar experiences. Another belief that people, including myself, have is that God is all knowing, therefore, allowing us to know things by following his direction. God’s wisdom and direction is communicated to us through the Bible, God’s word (Seegert, 2014).
Personally I believe that a person learns right and wrong based on what they were taught from their parents, their personal values and worldviews, and it continues to develop based on experience that take place through out a persons life. Some people will argue that people learn what is right and wrong from God and the bible and while that may be true, I do not share that view. What is right and wrong cannot just be read, it must also be learned from parents. For example, a teenager may believe in God and read the bible, yet, that same teenager could be part of a gang that lies and

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