Examining Cross Modal Vision And Audition Essay

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The ability to express and perceive emotion serves an important role for human functioning in everyday environments. It can, for example, allow us to detect danger or respond to a person in need. A full understanding of how emotion influences behaviour has yet to be realized. Recent literature has demonstrated that exposure to emotionally arousing stimuli can alter the perceptual mechanisms of participants. The present experiments attempted to expand this research to examine cross-modal vision and audition.

Emotion Processing in the Visual Modality The mechanisms responsible for emotion processing have been selected over the course of generations as they confer survival advantages. Susskind, Lee, Cusi, Feiman, Grabski, and Anderson (2008) examined the idea that emotions were not only adaptive for social communication and signaling emotive thoughts and perceptions, but may also enable adaptive sensory processing. Their research showed that individuals who displayed a fearful expression relative to those who displayed a neutral expression perceived more visual information. Conversely, those who displayed a disgust expression perceived less visual information relative to those with a neutral expression. This suggests that our emotional state influences processing. Situations in which we are fearful require us to take in more information from the environment in order to allow us to escape potential threats; situations in which we are disgusted require us to reduce the…

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