Evolving Humanity And How The World Works? One Word : Technology !

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What created and continues to evolve humanity and how the world works? One word: technology!
Since the beginning of time technology has been used and created to build the world that we live in today. People today cannot function without any form of technology. When it comes to adapting and promoting technology it is difficult to find a happy median to satisfy both male and female markets.
Up until about 40 years ago there was a gender divide. Men were the breadwinners and women were the homemakers. So technologies were different for each market and never cross connected. Male technologies were: cars and electronics. Female technologies were: kitchen and cleaning appliances. So these things were designed to meet the selected genders preference. Microwaves were pink and flowery as to there automobiles were shinny and black or gray. Due gender equality movements in the
60s and 70s. Men were no longer only the breadwinners and women were no longer only the homemakers. Even with the end of the gender divide men and women still want different technologies that do adhere to their everyday needs.

So companies that only focused on one specific gender now had to find a way to have the same technology but adhere to the opposite sex. So now that black shiny muscle car is now a tiny dainty bright color car for a woman. Now the pink flowery microwave is now black and sleek and silver to meet the man’s preference. So not all products now are gender divided a lot of…

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