Essay Evolution of Wi-Fi

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The Evolution of Wi-Fi
Charles Williams
Albert Acuna
American Military University

From the creation of the IEEE standard in 1997 to current times Wi-Fi has evolved dramatically over the years. An idea to provide connectivity to devices with the absence of cables was adopted globally. Each year brings about new ways of utilizing wireless technology. This study aims to cover Wi-Fi from inception to present day and prospects for the future.

The Evolution of Wi-Fi
What exactly is Wi-Fi? A popular misconception is that Wi-Fi stands for “wireless fidelity”, however, it can be described as, a technology that uses radio waves to provide internet and network connectivity. The Wi-Fi Alliance, a non-profit
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In 1997 the standard was finalized and due to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) eliminating its regulatory case-by approval and opening up a new unlicensed spectrum in 1985, the 802.11 standard would operate there.
Dr. James O’ Sullivan Astrophysicist and CISRO employee, Dr. James O’Sullivan was tasked in the 1990’s with building a team to develop a high-speed wireless network. The technology developed was a solution to indoor interference with radio waves. CISRO admits that they did not invent WLAN technology, however their developments allowed for the best way of doing it. The team of 5 scientist led by O'Sullivan received a patent in 1996 for a method that involved a combination of OFDM, forward error correcting, and interleaving. (arstechnica, 2012)This technology is used in the 802.lla and .llg standards and thus prompted CISRO to file a lawsuit, which ended in 2009 with a settlement in CISRO's favor. So in reference to who invented Wi-Fi it is safe to say that Vic Hayes and Dr. James O'Sullivan, by spearheading their teams both equally contributed to the development of WLAN and should be considered the "Fathers Of Wi-Fi".
Wi-Fi Regulation
With concerns of regulating wireless LAN the FCC and the European

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