Evolution Of The Summer Olympics

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Summer Olympics
A tradition starting in ancient times as entertainment is now a phenomenal event for the whole world, all 6 continents. At the Summer Olympics, athletes competed and represent their country. From around the world athletes come from the four corners of the world to strive for gold, and few where a seconds can change their life. The Olympics have been around for countless years and have always been a world bonding event. The Summer Olympics have changed drastically since the first modern Olympics in 1896 to the most recent Summer Olympics in 2012. Beginning long after the Olympics in Greece the Modern Olympics were born. The first modern day Olympics was hosted in Athens in the year 1896. Starting out with a fairly small crowd
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Certain Olympics which would stand out more than the rest with certain situations or events that would be the beginning of Co-ed Olympics, the Olympics during war, and the Olympics during the Moscow Boycott. Women were not allowed to participate in the Olympics until in 1900. “Women were only able to participate in two sports at the time which were golf and tennis but it was just the beginning for women in the Olympics” (Women in the Olympics 1). Other Olympic years which differed from the rest were the years during world wars. This just resulted in a halt in the Olympics and it was not hosted within those years. One of the Olympics that stands out is the Moscow Olympics of 1980, where the US boycotted the Olympics because it was hosted in a communist country. President Carter actually threatened the athletes “to revoke the passport of any athlete who tried to travel to the USSR” (Moscow” para 1). After the US pulled out of the Olympics there were other countries that followed the US and did not participate “67 nations did not participate with 45 to 50 of these nations likely being absent because of the U.S.-led boycott. Eighty nations did participate” (“Moscow” para 1). These significant years will be building blocks for the Present day summer

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