Summer Olympics History

Summer Olympics
A tradition starting in ancient times as entertainment is now a phenomenal event for the whole world, all 6 continents. At the Summer Olympics, athletes competed and represent their country. From around the world athletes come from the four corners of the world to strive for gold, and few where a seconds can change their life. The Olympics have been around for countless years and have always been a world bonding event. The Summer Olympics have changed drastically since the first modern Olympics in 1896 to the most recent Summer Olympics in 2012. Beginning long after the Olympics in Greece the Modern Olympics were born. The first modern day Olympics was hosted in Athens in the year 1896. Starting out with a fairly small crowd
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In the most recent Olympics hosted in London back in 2012 The Olympics website says that there were approximately 10,500 athletes, and 204 countries participating, which is substantially larger than the 241 athletes, and 14 countries that participated in the first modern Olympic back in 1896. At the 2012 summer Olympics in London we witnessed Michael Phelps become the most decorated athlete in the Olympics “He garnered a total 22 medals, 18 gold, 2 silvers, and 2 bronze” (Baybayan para 3).surpassing the old record of 18 medals. The Summer Olympics has become such an enormous event that the whole world just becomes engulfed in it every four years. “8.8 million Tickets were available for the London 2012 Olympic Games” (“London 2012 by numbers” para 4), this does not account for all of the people around watching the events on television in the living rooms of their homes. The Olympics is easily the number one event that united the whole world. Unites the world more than the FIFA World Cup. Just throwing this out there but Brazil is making Bank in two …show more content…
In present day, we look forward to the next Olympics right when the last one ends, to witness new records, and arising Olympians. Since 1896 one can say that the Olympics has stepped it up to a whole new level. From only men participating with 241 athletes to both men and women participating with about 10,500 athletes. This is the time where we cheer for our country, watch events we do not even know existed and where everyone not at the Olympics stares at the television to see who takes home the gold. The Olympic is superior to all other sports events and will forever have a foot hold in history. I cannot wait what Rio has in store for the 2016

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