Evolution Of Science And Religion Essay

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It’s Time for our Schools to Evolve: Evolution in Education
Science and religion often clash, especially in American education. One of the largest instances of this conflict is the debate whether to teach evolutionary theory in public schools. Evolution is a possible explanation to the origins and development of life on Earth; however, this explanation counters Christian Fundamentalists’ beliefs of how man ended up on Earth. Americans with Christian beliefs, especially those located in the bible belt, feel that their right to express any religion is being infringed when public schools teach them or their children evolution. While the number of advocates against including evolution in school curriculum has decreased over time, 34% of Americans still believe that scientific stress should not be put on this theory in education (“Evolution and Creationism” 6). The lapse in agreement to teach this important aspect of biological science leads to an uneven and decrepit national education. Because the theory is well substantiated, strictly based on observations in the natural world, and is legally mandatory to be included in science classes, evolution is a vital part of a public school’s curriculum; in fact, it sets the basis for the development and variety of complex organisms on our planet. By teaching this throughout the nation, a more unified and consistent curriculum will create more scientifically literate students.
Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution suggests that complex…

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