Evolution Of Jerome By Jerome. Jerome Essay

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Evolution of Jerome Jerome was an admirable character in both the film and the screenplay, “Gattaca”; there were times that he was the worst character and times he was the best. In this futuristic, dystopian society, it is possible for someone to give his DNA for use by another person and in that way Jerome gives his DNA to Vincent, a person without perfect DNA like Jerome, and surrenders his former identify to become known as Eugene. Initially, with the complexities of the story focused on Vincent it is tough to make a connection to Jerome. Despite obviously being the main character as well, he was in the background so much that it was easy to be consumed by Vincent’s character. As the storyline progresses Jerome’s role becomes much more important, undeterred by many of his actions still being behind the scenes. As the story increasingly focuses on Jerome it is easy to sympathize; viewers start to notice him more because as tragic as his life has become, but he still chooses to take selfless action and help a stranger. As time passes viewers grow to understand him more by learning about him and his past all while watching as he inspiringly gives his everything to Vincent. Jerome is a rancorous man at times, but as the story continues to progress, he proves to be vulnerable and compassionate. Although it is harder for Jerome to change compared to other characters he still has the most drastic and affirmative change. The viewer first encounters Jerome when Vincent and the…

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