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Evolution of French Architecture During the Gothic Period
My favorite aspect of art is usually the architecture because it shows the peaks of human capability on a grander scale. I liked learning about the architecture during the Gothic period the most because it seemed so ambitious, and even though they were built centuries ago, people still marvel at their intricate designs, near unsustainable heights and brilliant use of natural lighting. The new gothic era of reaching new structural heights was made possible with the use of the pointed arch, the flying buttresses, and the ribbed vault. Soon after the construction of Saint Denis, the gothic style of architecture spread throughout Europe and reformed architecture. (Pg. 368) Saint Denis,
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Amiens is a true testament to the new possibilities ushered in through the gothic period. It is the tallest of all the French gothic cathedrals and attempts a near skeleton like design, by implementing an immense amount of thin flying buttresses and eliminating most of the stone in the walls. The nave vaults reach an astounding 144 feet high, and the choir vaults are even higher measuring in at 157 feet high. The cathedral made full use of the flying buttresses and had the majority bulky stone walls eliminated. In their place are many intricately placed stained glass windows, including an even larger rose window on the west end. A new notable feature that was added at a later point is the central tower over the crossing, which was absent in the Chartres cathedral and Saint Denis. By simply observing the two west towers, you can probably conclude that there was also a change in the designing architect, as the towers are not symmetrical. In the interior, it is easy to be enchanted by the sheer amount of light entering the multitude of stained glass windows. There is a vast amount of light yet strong compound piers that support the immense weight of the stone walls, and once again the amount of windows greatly increases, which allows more light to enter. The ceiling uses a four-part ribbed vault that is calculated to support and modify the direction of the weights

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