Evolution Of Domestic Violence Laws Essay

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When an innocent child observes domestic violence they become a prisoner in their own home. They begin to learn the business of abuse; resulting in damaging situations later in life. In order to stop the cycle of abuse our current law should be amended to mandate mental health services for all children who are involved in these disturbances.
Evolution of Domestic Violence laws
Lemon (1996) explains that thousands of years ago women have fallen victim to the abuse of a man; their ruler who used beatings as a form of punishment for crimes committed by women. Lemon wrote about the history of “The rule of thumb” which was an actual law that allowed men to whip their wives with a stick, based off the measurement of the man’s right thumb. Over time laws would change and evolve into protecting women from certain types of abuse. For example, during the 1960’s the women 's rights movement was well on it’s way to empowering women to have a voice. Although, during this time women who brought charges against their husband were held accountable in court to prove that several beatings had taken place before any judge would grant a divorce. Moving forward to the 1970’s, the domestic violence act was established. However, women were still not safe because it was not until the 1980’s that our court system began to even view rape as a crime when committed by their husband.
Holding strong in 2016 women are protected now more than ever as victims. Our current court system has several laws…

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