Evolution Of A Primate ! Essay

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PBL #1: Evolve a Primate!

Species Name: Crescens ignis
Common Name: Fire Crescent Monkey
Geographic Distribution: Crescens ignis are native to regions in the heart of the Amazon’s tropical rainforests. They live in highly arboreal where there are seasonal changes in rainfall and temperatures. According to Fragaszy (1950), with such a highly arboreal area these monkeys are able to “use all levels from the canopy to the understory, going to the ground to drink, forage or travel” (p. 1). These “New World Monkeys” are part of the Creschini subfamily and are closest related to their ancestors, the White-fronted Capuchins, or Cebus albifrons.
Physical Description: Fire Crescents are smaller primates that range in size between 7-11 lbs. Their name comes from their long and soft dark red-orange fur and a black spot on top of their heads in the shape of a rear-facing crescent. The Crescens ignis have a lighter orange belly that extends to the face with large forward-facing eyes and flat noses. Their heads and brains are large for their body and the ears are small, short and round. Sexual dimorphism occurs in this species where the males are bigger than the females (“Animal Diversity Web,” 2001). The males also have longer manes and slightly brighter colors. Crescens ignis have a long, slender bodies and limbs that are also exceptionally strong for jumping throughout the canopy and escaping predation.
Physical Environment: Fire Crescents are commonly found in areas of Southeast…

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