Evil : A Religious Perspective Essay

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The concept of evil from a religious perspective is addressed in religions and attributed to both an external force or internal depending on your religious beliefs. In some cases, whether one is using the broad or narrow concept of evil determines the source of the evil. Looking at a narrow concept of evil brings the most heinous crimes against humanity to the forefront and provides a stage in which to discover if evil is a problem for religion, how to respond, and look at the modern view of evil. Our world is about contradictions, extremes, and various outlooks so this should be no different. Discussing why evil should not exist, and then looking at both responding to and trying to prevent evil only serves to accentuate the problem of evil in the first place. While looking at the philosophy of modern Western religions, we can see that the subject of moral evil is addressed early on, but not satisfactorily for some people. Within mainstream Christianity, this evil comes from a disobedience of God, which tries to place the blame square on the shoulders of fallible humans. It was not the doing of God, but of humans (Genesis 6. 11-12 KJV). The question of evil in the philosophy of religions remains despite placing blame on fallible humans, the evil still exists and should be addressed. There are many ways to view the problem of evil, but two well-known questions can be asked to help us think about the philosophical problem. 1. Is it possible for there to be an…

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