Evidence That Helps Advance The Health Care Being Given Essay

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Relevant evidence is evidence that helps advance the health care being given, it is using the best available research in your practice that will further your skills and knowledge.
Aveyard and Sharp (2013) looked at evidence based nursing and suggested that it is concerned with the reasons behind why you carry out certain procedures and the reasoning should be based on the evidence that is the best surrounding the certain aspect of nursing you are carrying out, this is to support yourself as a nurse and anyone under your care.
Credible evidence is evidence that can be backed up by previous research, this information can be found on websites, journals etc. This type of evidence is usually backed up by peer reviewing.

Nurses are required to use credible and relevant evidence as the information they would gain from the evidence is vital to understanding what is going on with a patient.
To give out accurate information all of it must be evidence based, this includes any information on healthcare products and services (Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) 2015) (a.), this is important in clinical practice as it is important to understand any procedures that are occurring and any information that you are being told.
By using credible and relevant evidence any information that they can share with the patient will be correct and justifiable.
To find the evidence used in part 2 of this workbook different sources were used such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council, CINHAL and Royal…

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