Essay on Evidence Of Murder After An Infant Child

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Introduction Authorities are investigating what seems to be an indication of murder after an infant child was discovered stuffed in the microwave early morning by relatives. Elizabeth Renee Otte and Joseph Anthony Martinez Sr., the mother and father of infant baby Joseph Lewis Martinez Jr. lived with the father’s elder parents in a small, one brick rancher in Lenexa, Virginia. Elizabeth Otte, who apparently suffers from severe epileptic seizures and blackouts up to 50 minutes, claims that she remembers nothing about the incident besides feeding the child. Is it possible that she could have become so disorientated after a blackout that it caused her to mistaken Joseph Lewis Martinez for a bottle of milk that needed warming, placing him in the oven, cooking and eventually killing him? According to Timberg and White (1999), of the Daily Press, the Washington Post, friends of Otte’s say her mood darkened and her epileptic seizures became more frequent after July 4, when her 17-year-old brother died in a fiery car crash not far from her New Kent home.
The day started off as a normal regular day and then suddenly took a turn for the worse as relatives and family described this as a tragic accident. The family told authorities that they awoke early on a Thursday morning noticing the baby; Joseph Martinez Jr. had gone missing. The father Martinez Sr. who initially noticed baby Joseph’s disappearance told reporters, he was usually awoken by the cries and moans of the baby in the…

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