Evidence-Based Marketing Essay

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April 9, 2014
Article Review
Evidence-based Marketing

Article Summary
The practice of using evidence as the base for making decisions has been employed successfully in many industries such as healthcare, nursing, criminal justice, ect.. Unfortunately, in the world of marketing, “there has been no explicit consideration of the applicability of the concepts of evidence-based practice or evidence-based management” yet (Rowley, p. 523). The article, then, provides information on challenges practitioners face when deciding whether to implement the evidence-based marketing theory and explores some alternative relationships between researchers and practitioners that may improve the use of the evidence-based methods.
Using evidence for
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Since most organizations typically do not subscribe to such databases, it is difficult for practitioners to gain access. The third barrier refers to the lag in time between when the research is conducted and published (which could take several years) and when the practitioners need that type of information to solve an issue at work (which can means right now). Last but not least, is the language barrier that “arises because the language and style of academic writing can be difficult for a practitioner to understand and interpret” (Rowley, p.525). To battle these challenges and close the gap of knowledge between researchers and practitioners and the gap of applicability between theory and reality, the author of the article concluded by suggesting three strategies. 1. People-based strategies encourage close collaboration between practitioners and researchers from the early stage of having doctorate students working on current workplace problems; nurturing practitioner-scholar who can be both knowledge user and knowledge generator; and embedding evidence-based cultures.

2. Knowledge and enquiry-based strategies concerns with developing the “understanding of marketing decision-making processes in different types and sizes of organizations, with a view to generating insights into the role of knowledge and evidence in these processes;” requiring appropriate research methods for conducting relevant studies and establishing methods for research

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