Everyman, An Anonymous Writer Essay

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The play that will be discussed in this research paper is a play called Everyman by an anonymous writer. This play is a late 15th century mortality play, which is said to be a version of the Dutch play called Elckerlijk. In the play Everyman the main character is called Everyman, which the name is used to describe every person in the world. The main point that will be discussed is the author’s perception of death in the play Everyman. The author uses an allegory to describe Man’s fate with death, and his relationship to God. In the play everyman God sends death to Everyman, because in the beginning of the play God had felt that Everyman has forgotten who is creator is and is more worried about his earthly treasures. Death explains to Everyman that he has been sent by God and that Everyman will have to give an account to God for all the good and bad things he has done in his life. Each character in everyman represents a persona that each and every one of us has. Though this play is very hard to read and understand it has a message that clearly stands out. So Everyman describes every Christians walk to salvation with the Lord.

In this play Everyman is faced with Death who is a messenger sent by God. He is told that he needs to give an account of all the things that he did while here on earth. In doing this it will decide Everyman’s fate on whether he will go to Hell or have eternal life with the Lord I heaven. Everyman is told early on by Death that he will…

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