Everyday Feminism Summary

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Everyday Feminism is an online magazine that teaches readers to relate feminism to actual life and mend from and stand up to daily oppression. Everyday Feminism attempts to uphold a considerate, appealing, and sympathetic society of feminists who are encouraging of each other’s marginalized identities and knowledge. Everyday Feminism is an enlightening stage for individual and communal freedom. The mission that this website has set out is to help people take apart day by day brutality, prejudice, and marginalization through practical intersectional feminism and to generate an earth where self-determination and affectionate communities are societal customs through sympathetic activism. Sandra Kim is the creator of the website and launched Everyday Feminism in 2012. Everyday Feminism has rapidly become one of the most well-liked …show more content…
There are many horrendous things that happen to us on a daily basis, yet we see it as normal because it is so general. Usually we are not fully aware of these horrible things that are happening to us! When we finally are aware of these things that have happened we are embarrassed and humiliated of ourselves. This is why we choose to keep it secret and not discuss it with anyone because we hold ourselves responsible. What this website does is raise awareness to all of these circumstances, and it expresses that you are not the only one going through these terrifying things, and you are not alone. They discuss these problems candidly that others are keeping a secret. When they do raise these issues they are expressing others to do something about it and consider them in order to live liberated lives. This website does a tremendous job of getting its point across. Although most of its articles and online posts are about women in the world, their common goal is to try and encourage a world where every person is respected and feel free and

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