Evaluation Of The President 's Inaugural National Drug Control Strategy

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Section One: Choose and Research a Policy
At the president’s inaugural, the 2010 National Drug Control Strategy presented an evidence-based practice that addressed reducing drug use and eliminating its consequences in the United States (National Drug Control Strategy, 2013). The president responded by having his administration draft the “third way” in drug policy, which rejects taking extreme measures on drug addicts and in criminalizing them, also minimizing the United States participation in the “war on drugs” (National Drug Control Strategy, 2013). This policy hopes to take a nuance approach on drug policy as it aims to balance public health programs, effective law enforcement, and international partnerships. After all we are in the twenty first century, where forward thinking is highly commendable and very much needed. The “third way” is rooted in the belief that drug addiction is a disease and causes grave damage to the brain (National Drug Control Strategy, 2013). Therefore it is true that one can seek treatment in hopes of recovery for his/her disease or one has the ability to completely prevent them from acquiring the disease of addiction. This policy is believed to represent the future of drug policy not only nationally, but globally as well (National Drug Control Strategy, 2013). History/Evolution of the Policy The United States presented a document to an international community in May 2012 dictating the principles of the drug policy that…

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