Essay about Evaluation Of The Performance Measurement Metrics

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The RSI model functions in streamlining the organizational structure in such a way that the overlaps and redundancies in the structure are eliminated (Osterwalder, 2013). In our model, the chief principal managers will be responsible in evaluating the performance of the employees and therefore promoting and demoting the staff. They will be assisted by the assistant managers who will hire the staff. The publishing of findings will be done by the business unit heads who will be assisted by the team leaders. Collection of data will be done by the teams and it the compliance advisors who will be consulted. The recording of the data will be done by the team leaders who will consult the compliance officers. They therefore need to be informed on research. The team leaders will also be trained on the innovative process by the process manager. They will therefore be instilled with key skills on how to research on bullying.
PART THREE: Performance measurement metrics.
The performance measurement metrics will play a key role in the determination of the actions of the employees involved in the process (Howell 2005). Consistent and accurate evaluation of the employees therefore is an essential tool not only to individual success but the overall success of the organization towards realization of behavioral change of every student in the school. The following performance management metrics will be used in the organization:
a) Efficiency rating in terms of productivity metric.
This metric…

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