Evaluation Of The Above Audit Essay

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Step # 3 Evaluate the strategic Outcome
The evaluation of the above audit is dissected to fully understand what skills is required is as follows. These skills are the most useful skills I seem to possess as well as my strongest skill I have use throughout my development of my professional and personal life.

Analytical Skills (score #10). This indicates that I frequently use this skill, the usefulness of it help to compare, evaluate and to deal with the complexity of situations that I may encounter.

Learning Skills (score # 10).
It informs that I am able to grasp new knowledge, and sensibility needed to resolve a new problem using the feedback effectively to derive at the desired result.

Conflict Resolution Skills (score # 9.
This enlightens me, that I have the ability to deal with different personality, as well opinion of others. Confronting others effectively and responsible to own up to my doings, and to not to be bias.

Interpersonal Communications Skills (score # 9)

I have always being told, of the excellent interpersonal communication skills. This just put the icing on the cake as I truly discover one of my true skills. I consider myself a good listener, asking question is what tends to do, this give me insight to new knowledge. Analyzing persons, is very interesting the different behaviors and traits are fascinating to me.

Entrepreneurial Skills and Innovation (score # 8)

I seek opportunity for new idea, due to how life has throw its curve, I…

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