Evaluation Of Smart On Fhir Website Essay

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Evaluation of SMART on FHIR

According to the HealthIT.gov website, “the Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects (SHARP) Program is a major collaboration at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Texas at Houston, Harvard University, the Mayo Clinic of Medicine, and Massachusetts General Hospital” (ONC, 2014, 2). SHARP program was chosen as one of the awarded grants to evaluate due to its four clearly set goals. Those four goals “focused on achieving breakthrough advances to address well-documented problems that have impeded adoption: 1) Security of Health Information Technology; 2) Patient-Centered Cognitive Support; 3) Healthcare Application and Network Platform Architectures; and, 4) Secondary Use of EHR Data” (ONC, 2014, 5-8). The HealthIT.gov website also stated “the knowledge generated and innovations created from the SHARP program will accelerate progress toward the meaningful use of health IT and a high-performing, adaptive, nationwide health care system” (ONC, 2014, 1). The projects created from the SHARP program “will be translated into patient-centered health IT products and services to create fundamental improvements along critical areas toward a high-performing, learning health care system” (ONC, 2014, 3).

The area this report chose to discuss more in depth is Healthcare Application and Network Platform Architectures, which is led by Harvard University “to create new and improved system designs that facilitate…

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