Evaluation Of Li ' L Niblets Shoplifting Issue Essay

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Li 'l Niblets is under new management and has also had made some changes to their policies in regarding the potential growth of the company. But as of recent, shoplifting is increasing steadily and becoming a risk. Empty product boxes have been found in the store as well as the loss of inventory.
The evaluation of Li 'l Niblets shoplifting issue is based on information supplied by a personal interview with the manager.
Analysis of the data revealed recommended changes in two areas:
Customer theft can be reduced by improving the level of customer service, greeting customers as they enter the store and assisting them when they need help. Staff should make sure that they are aware of the customers presence and to smile so that they know the staff acknowledges them
Employee theft can be reduced by performing a full background check during the hiring process. Also installing cameras in employee only locations such as the receiving end of the store.

on the basis of these findings, it is recommended that installing security cameras and improving customer service would prevent future theft.

Introduction In this year, Li 'l Niblets is going through new management as well as some changes, including creating and implementing new policies to improve the growth of the company. The new policy sets guidelines for staff to follow during store hours. Recently, shoplifting has increasingly…

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