Evaluation Of Auckland City Council Website Using Card Sorting Technique

2526 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 11 Pages
n this report, evaluation has been done on Auckland City Council website using card sorting technique. This evaluation has been done using three different participants by completing two different tasks, each task consisting 30 cards.
Optimal Sort website was used for designing the tasks which generated a shareable link for the users to complete the task remotely.
The tasks were designed in three continuous parts namely Pre-task questionnaires, Card Sorting, Post-task questionnaires, dividing this tasks helped in analyzing the natural behavior of participant while performing the task.
In the assignment, I have evaluated both the cases of the card sorting namely open card sort and closed card sort as each would have a different impact on results.
Furthermore, the report also provides extensive analysis of result on discovering the lack of usability in designing of the website, various graphs showing the participants way of grouping and dendrograms are provided and thus depending upon the nature of participant the recommendations are provided from improving the overall experience for an external user.
At last along with some recommendations from the users on the report also shows the comparison of the obtained results from open sort and closed sort for comparing the difference between them.
The goal of the analysis is to determine how participants sort the categories as per their benefits and thus obtain better ways to group and label the categories which would then be…

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