Essay Evaluation Of An Informed Consent

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Informed Consent Participants of the intervention will be required to sign an informed consent regarding responses in both the one-on-one and focus group. If a consent form is not signed by the participant, they will be excluded from participating in the both the one-on-one and focus group. The consent form is an important identifier of numbering participants and will allow for intervention data collection.
In this in intervention, it is important that the researchers develop and understanding and relationship with the caregivers so experimenter biases are not established. The goal is to allow the caregivers to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. In order to accomplish this goal, the researchers conducting this intervention will equip and train nurses within each Hospital to lead both the one-on-one and education based focus groups. An audio recording will be conducted for all discussions and lessons within the groups held for analysis procedures.
Revised Texas Home Care Survey/Psychological Stress Measure Scale
The survey was thoroughly reconstructed for the purpose of this intervention in regards to questions, responses, and scaling. The survey will consist of six concise sections and include topic area such as caregiving and work/finances, skills and training, and psychological stress responses. The first section asks for caregiver information regarding personal relation to loved one, demographics, and living arrangement. This will be good data to…

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