Evaluation Of A Student At California University Los Angeles Essay

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Purpose of assessments:
The assessments that Sean took was for class credit. Sean is currently enrolled in Counseling 428 Measurement issues in Counseling where he was required to take three different assessment for college credit. This assessment activities included talking assessment, and scoring the different assessments.
Sean is currently a student at California University Los Angeles where he is majoring in Rehabilitation Services. In this major he had to take a Career Counseling class and he had to take some similar assessments. He had to take assessment related to finding different career that he would be interested at the campus career center. These different assessments were very similar to the SDS. He had received very similar results. Sean also had an IEP all throughout elementary, middle, and high school so as part of the IEP he had to get evaluated again every few years. So Sean is very similar to different assessments.
Sean had a somewhat difficult childhood. HE was a very sickly child grown up and had various medical issues. Within the first few months of his life Sean’s mom knew that something was not right with her child. Sean was constantly lethargic and was not able to keep his head up and constantly needed to be held. He was not able to sleep well thought the night and was constantly fussing thought the night. He also had issues with breastfeeding. He was not able to tolerate the breastmilk and would vomit the milk after consuming it. He…

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