Essay on Evaluation Of A Student At Buena Vista University Of Iowa

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When deciding whom to interview for this paper I first thought about what area of higher education I wanted to learn more about. After thinking of a few different individuals I decided to interview Sabrina Tapps-Fee, a Senior Admission Counselor and Coordinator of the Tour Guide program for the University of Iowa. I decided to interview Sabrina, because admissions is an area of higher education that really interests me. I knew Sabrina had a long history working in admissions and I was interested in learning more about her experiences. To begin Sabrina provided me with background information on what led her to being an admission counselor. Similar to myself, she never really thought about a career in higher education. Sabrina explained to me that as a Student at Buena Vista University she was always focused on health sciences. In 2000 Sabrina graduated from Buena Vista University with a BA in exercise science, sports marketing and coaching. When she told me this I actually was not surprised. Even though her degree is not directly related to her profession now, there are definitely elements that overlap. For example, having a background in sports marketing and coaching relates not only to working with student employees but also counseling prospective students and their families. Her first job in higher education was as an Admission Counselor for Buena Vista University. Working here helped her learn how to communicate with and recruit prospective students. Before beginning…

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