Evaluation Of A School Wide System Of Support Essay example

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PBIS ia a school wide system of support which includes proactive strategies for teaching and supporting positive behavior to create a positive school environment (Positive par. 2). The four elements of PBIS are system, data, practices and outcomes. Data is used to seee status and recognize what needs to be changed and see the effects of intervention (positive par. 7). Practices are the intervention and strategies used to reinforce positive behavior. An example of this could be a child steals a cookie from the cookie jar so instead of the teacher sending him to the principal, the teacher asks the students to ask next time before he takes and ask what his favorite kind of cookie is? The system part of PBIS involves the different levels in which they are broken up and have different levels of teaching and reinforcing positive behavior. The primary level is school/classroom level it is a wide system for all students and staff (positive par. 4. The secondary level is for the specialized groups. This system is for students with at risk behavior (Positive par. 4)Finally, level tertiary is individualized and is for students with high risk who need extra reinforcement for positive behavior (positive par. 4). The outcomes of this program target behavior and academic skills for students, families, and the educators (positive par. 7). A program that has been known for its success in helping students behaviorally is Big Brothers Big Sisters. This program matches a high school student to…

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