Essay about Evaluation Of A Psychological Evaluation

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I met with Ms. McGuvyer (Ms. M) on 10/10/2016 for a psychological evaluation. Ms. M was informed that the purpose of the psychological evaluation was to assess her emotional and psychological functioning. She was informed of the limits of confidentiality, including the examiner’s mandated reporting responsibilities, regarding the disclosure of potentially harming himself or others, and child or vulnerable adult abuse. She was made aware that the information gathered during the evaluation was confidential and would not be disclosed without her consent. Ms. M was made aware that if she wanted a copy of her evaluation sent to her primary care physician (PCP) Dr. Ino Lotts, then she would be required to provide written consent, limits of confidentiality and release of information.

Ms. M was referred by her PCP, Dr. Ino Lotts, for a psychological evaluation to address her recent troubles at work, insomnia, and depressive-related symptoms, all of which stemmed from a traumatic event she experienced 8 weeks ago.

Ms. M stated that she had difficulty sleeping due to ruminations and nightmares, was nervous at work, had difficulty concentrating, frequently felt exhausted, struggled to manage tasks, and struggled remembering anything. She also stated her boss commented that she appears “really disconnected” at work. These symptoms have been present for the past 8 weeks. Ms. M stated that 8 weeks ago she was woken up by gun shots that…

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