Evaluation Of A New Drugs Essay

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There are many phases involved in the release of a new drugs before they reach consumers. These phases include drug development, a process that is beneficial and necessary for the health of those who need prescription drugs to live and function. This stage begins when researchers identify a compound for development and conduct experiments to gather information on things such as how it is absorbed and distributed, potential benefits, the best dosage, side effects and drug interactions just to name a few. ("Drug and Device," n.d.).
In the United States, in order for a company to sell a drug it must be tested. The evidence from these tests must be sent to The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) with proof that it is safe and effective to use. The CDER team carefully reviews the company’s findings and then establishes that the benefits of usage are worth more than the health risks involved. Before any humans can be tested there must be animal tests, usually rodents, to check whether or not the drug works. Once that testing is completed, the drug is then tested in humans to see if the drug actually treats the disease it is being developed for. The main goal of the CDER is to confirm that the drugs used in the US are safe for distribution.
There are several groups involved in the development of a new drug and this section will detail those groups. First off there is the United States Food and Federal Drug Administration (FDA) which is the agency responsible for…

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