Evaluation Of A Good Methodology Essay

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The methodology of research is the description of the pathway used to approach the study question. While weak methods may lead to sterile speculation and a lack of scientific base, excessive attachment to rules and models could generate stereotypical responses and insufficient interpretation or contextualization. A good methodology may combine coherent techniques and the researcher’s problem-solving skills, flexibility, knowledge, and ethics assessing the reality.
A method to approach Houston’s mental health network should take its complexity into consideration while building some thread between its services. There shouldn’t be an attempt to standardize or rank the facilities. First, because the plurality of mental care programs is a valuable source of innovation, not a detrimental factor per se. Second, because ranking the components of such a fragmented net would result in a fallacy, a faulty reasoning.
We must look at this framework qualitatively, building a tool that can capture the variety of attributes of Houston’s services for serious mental illness. Many lists of facilities are already provided by trustful organizations. Our goal is to qualify this information, partnering health providers and community groups with patients and families to lessen the individuals’ time wandering aimlessly through the facilities listed.
Many researchers (like Wallace, 1971 and Boudon, 1979) have been working to overcome the simplistic opposition between qualitative and…

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