Evaluation Of A First Year Student Essay

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D1) If I were to mentor a first year student on how to effectively analyse a case study, I would first let the student do some background research on the topic he would be learning about, to give him the basic information he would need to carry on. The other main point I would tell the student to do is to create a plan to make it easier for him. Now that he has some knowledge about the topic it wouldn’t be too hard to construct a plan. I would advise the student to look for relevant information by skim reading. After picking out the information he would be using, the last important point for the student would be to write he conclusion, to show his understandings, and that he was able to grasp the main concept of the case study.

D2) Having heard some of the other ideas that my fellow classmates would do with their student, we all more or less had the same idea. However as mentioned above I would let my student do their research first, others said they would let their student do it after they read the case study so they know what they are looking for. This was something that created a big discussion during the class, although after a long discussion I feel that my approach was the right way. I also learned how other people do there research, for example a student with me in class said that she likes to read the case study given to her so that she can understand it before reading the question and looking for specific points.

E1) In today’s seminar we…

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