Essay on Evaluation Of A Business Program

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Well done Eduardo, this month you scored 4% rework. You new twelve month average is 6.7%. The team average was 6.6% and the department average was 6.7%. Based on the new Department goal of 7.5%, you are currently exceeding expectations. Your whole house in compliance was 95.3% and your whole house in range was 100%. Your two new yearly averages are 94.1% and 98.8% respectively. Eduardo, the new whole house check usage and passing goal is 95.8% for both of them. Based on the department 2016 goals, you are below expectations in the area of whole house compliance and you are exceeding expectations in the area of her house in range. Eddie, please let me know what can I help you with in order to meet the department goal in whole house compliance.

Eddie, this month you score 100% CSAT. Your new 12-month average is 98.6%. The team average for the month was 99.2% and the department average for this month was 98.3%. Your on time guarantee for this month was 100%. Your new 12-month average is 98.9%. Eddie, you are doing very well in this area. I want to thank you for committing to customer service and making sure you meet your appointments windows at all times. As I said before, one of the areas we should focus on going forward, is to take care of the customers 100% of the time. This will give us the ability to meet or exceed every other expectation such as rework and production. I would like us to simplify the process by just focusing on one area. Let 's continue to work on CSAT as…

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