Essay Evaluation And Analysis Task Group Functioning

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Evaluation and analysis task group functioning
This community participation group project came together to become involved in a social change effort that is taking place among the community. In order to provide a comprehensive report on the group’s successes and efforts, information is provided regarding the group’s structure, effectiveness, decision-making processes and challenges.
The group became formed at the beginning of the school semester for the “Community Participation Strategies” course in the Masters of Social Work program. Like all the other groups formed that day, the group was formed with its particular members because of the interest they had in that particular topic.
As a result, there were five members within the group. Aside from the number of group members, the group had many factors that contributed to its structure. This includes the roles of the members, how leadership is chosen, how decisions are made, and the norms and rules in which the group operates in (Nagy, 2015).
As with all groups, each member occupied certain positions within. However, because of the small size of the group, the structure was less formal and there was less of a need for a formal hierarchy that is apparent in large organizational groups (Nagy, 2015). However, there were power differentials among the group that gave some members more of that leadership role. For example, one group member was currently interning at the organization that was the main focus of our project. As a…

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